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Can Flow Meters Manage Your Agriculture Irrigation?

Flow Meters Make Sense for Agriculture Irrigation

The agriculture industry is responsible for the cultivation of crops and livestock necessary to address the global need for food. Today’s agriculture industry depends on flow meters to properly manage effective agriculture irrigation and other chemicals for good plant and livestock health. As the weather warms up, the need for water flow monitoring increases, especially at well sites.


Fish Farming, the Seafood Crisis Solution

Fish Farming and the World

Fishing farming has been a part of society since the beginning of time. A staple of the world’s diet, over 1 BILLION people depend on fish for food. However due to overfishing 70% of the world’s fish populations are now exploited or depleted. Fish farming, or aquaculture, has become a new and sustainable resource for many communities around the globe in answer to the world’s seafood shortage. In 2016 it was estimated that over 50% of the world’s seafood was produced through fish farms.

Flow meters market increase

Flow Meter Market Increase Projected By 2021

Flow Meter Market Increase Ahead

The market for flow meters is estimated to reach USD 6.00 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 8.72 billion by 2021, registering a CAGR of 6.4% between 2016 and 2021.

While the demand for flow meters is expanding, the current market is largely driven by the water treatment and wastewater treatment industries. In addition, oil and gas industries continue to increase their push for accurate measuring instruments as a result of more stringent government regulation and safety standards.

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Knowing Flow Meter Types Is Crucial to Your Plant’s Productivity

What Flow Meter Do You Need?

Measuring the flow of a liquid or gas is a critical need in many industrial plants. In some operations, the ability to conduct accurate flow measurements is so important that it can make the difference between making a profit or taking a loss. In other cases, inaccurate flow measurements or failure to take measurements can cause serious problems. It is important for an industrial plant to be familiar with their flow meter types to keep their operation functional and running smoothly.

The most important requirement is knowing exactly which flow meter will meet your unique manufacturing and production needs. Here are some questions to consider:

Kytola Flow Meters are the Best

5 Ways to Spot Inferior Products in the Flow Meters’ Market

The Flow Meters’ Market

Competition, while healthy and driving companies for better products and customer service, can sometimes take on a negative effect. When competition engages in deceptive practices everyone loses; businesses are harmed by intrusions that can damage a brand’s reputation; the market becomes invaded by inferior products such as flow meters, that do not meet manufacturer needs and most importantly, confuse customers. So how can a customer assure they are getting the best product in the flow meter manufacturing world? Here are a few tips that can keep customers from buying into competitors who don’t play fair.