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Kytola Instruments, The Original

Trying to Copy An Original, Just Means Bad Flow

When it comes to addressing the needs of the Paper and Pulp Industry no one has more experience than Kytola Instruments. We offer superior flow measurement and management products along with premier customer service to assure we meet your individualized needs. Check our Slide Share presentation to find out why we are the one and only original leader in flow meter technology.


It’s All in the Website

What does a website say?

A good company website is a major investment requiring in the neighborhood of $5,000 for a small low-end website to $20,000 for a corporate website development. Most companies that are dedicated to high-quality customer service have a website that reflects that dedication. This is especially necessary when it comes to the complex nature of communicating flow meters measurement to a broad audience. Customers can be end users, engineers or corporate CEOs in the gas-oil, paper-pulp and steel manufacturing industries. In addition, we have seen great interest from the water treatment municipality sectors.

Kytola History_part one

History Builds Character and Great Flow Meters (Part 1)

Edvin Kytölä Inspires the Future What do Finland, watches and flow measuring instruments all have in common? Kytölä Instruments. Edvin Kytölä, a visionary in his time, could never have imagined that the innovations growing from his entrepreneurship spirit. But as we look to Kytola Instruments global reach, one thing stands true…History builds Character and Great…